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Health & Well-being

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  • Multivitamin Food Supplement, 180 Tablets

    Specially formulated with a blend of 13 essential vitamins to support your overall health and wellbeing. This formula also contains Vitamin C and B12 to support a healthy immune system and normal energy release. All vitamins levels meet 100% NRV to ensure you are getting a daily top up to complement a balanced diet.

    Free from Artificial Flavours and Preservatives. Lactose Free.

    Suitable for Vegetarians

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  • This fully automatic upper arm blood pressure monitor offers the user comfortable, accurate and precise
    Blood pressure readings using the Intellisense technology.
    This blood pressure monitor will promise to deliver three main aspects:
    The 3-line display shows all the readings (systolic, diastolic and pulse and heartbeat) simultaneously. 
    It has 99 storage memory (for two people) with an average reading displayed of last 3 readings when recalling the stored data. 
    The blood pressure monitor comes presentably boxed up in retail colour packaging and includes a FREE TRAVEL POUCH!
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      • Irregular heartbeat detection
      • Clinically Validated
      • Intellisense technology ensures accurate and comfortable measurement
      • Cuff wrap guide
      • 1 user memory x30
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  • Description

    A premium vanilla treat that helps you to totally smash your protein goals? Yes please!

    A whey protein with a difference. Precision Engineered whey protein combines high-quality protein in three different forms: isolate, concentrate and hydrolysed for a premium blend. It also contains a full amino acid profile to provide you with a smart protein powder to help you reach your fitness and exercise goals.

    Are you lifting heavy weights to see how far your body can be pushed? Training for those strong, lean muscles you’ve always dreamed about? Whatever your sport or activity, Precision Engineered whey protein will help hone your body for peak performance. This intelligent formula is a complete protein derived from cow’s milk, so it’s a ready-made helpful protein solution for anyone with an active lifestyle or those looking to top up their protein intake. Did we mention it tastes like creamy vanilla too? Win, win!

    Why does the body need protein?

    Consuming enough protein consistently is necessary for healthy muscle repair and growth. Even If you’re sitting down all day, you need a certain amount of protein just to survive normal life. It is recommended that for every kilogram you weigh, you consume 0.75g of protein. When you start to exercise, the amount of protein you need gets greater. This is because exercise often damages your muscles, so they come back stronger than before when protein steps in to repair them and help grow new ones while its at it!

    What is a complete protein?

    A ‘complete’ protein must contain all 9 essential amino acids (the ones your body can’t synthesise by itself). Precision Engineered Whey Protein Powder is a complete protein, which can be digested easily by the body.

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  • Vitabiotics Wellbaby Multi-Vitamin Liquid nutritional support for infants.

    Carefully balanced multi-vitamin liquid ideal for infants and young children.

    No other supplement for babies and young children provides such a comprehensive combination of 14 vitamins and minerals, plus Swiss Alpine Malt.

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