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101 Things To Do Instead of Playing on Your Phone – 101 Things


Do you find that your fingers have developed that tell-tale phone twitch, restless for the next click?

Do you struggle to go for longer than a few minutes without checking-in on your social media?

Have you ever stopped to count how many cat videos you’ve watched in the last month?

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to step away from the instant click-bait of phone entertainment and discover there are so many other ways to pass your day.

How about trying an inconspicuous buttock workout? Or a spot of mindful colouring? Or answering questions that make you contemplate the nature of the universe and your place in it… such as if your life was a movie, what genre would it be?

Our phones have become a constant distraction; it’s time we put them down and rediscovered the simple art of taking a few minutes out. This book offers an imaginative list of games and tips aimed at curing us of our portable tech addiction.

More than mere time-killers, these activities include ways to unleash your creative side and train your brain, but above all methods to set you on the road to calm.

And all without a phone-charger in sight.

Publisher: Short Books Ltd
ISBN: 9781780722467
Number of pages: 128
Weight: 80 g
Dimensions: 110 x 142 x 12 mm