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David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet


Calling all David Attenborough fans… the legacy-defining book we have all been waiting for has finally arrived!

Join Attenborough as he reflects upon his life’s work, the dramatic changes to the planet that he has witnessed and what we can do to it a make a brighter, better future.

‘I am 94. I’ve had an extraordinary life. It’s only now that I appreciate how extraordinary.’

‘A Life on Our Planet is my witness statement, and my vision for the future. It is the story of how we came to make this, our greatest mistake – and how, if we act now, we can yet put it right.’

‘We have one final chance to create the perfect home for ourselves and restore the wonderful world we inherited.’

‘All we need is the will to do so.’

A gripping and inspiring insight into a rather extraordinary life’s account of what really is important to the universe – a must-have read for all Attenborough-lovers and those looking to start making change!


David Attenborough