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Mindful Eating: An Essential Guide to Eating Based on Mindfulness and Ending Overeating, Binge Eating, Food Addiction and Emotional Eating


If you want to reduce stress, lose weight, and improve your relationship with food, then keep reading…

Two manuscripts in one book:

  • Mindful Eating: What Zen Masters Can Teach You About Eating and Mindfulness, Including Tips on Intuitive Eating, and Ending Overeating, Binge Eating, Food Addiction, and Emotional Eating
  • Binge Eating: The Ultimate Guide to Finally Ending Emotional Eating, Bingeing, Overeating, and Food Addiction, Including Tips on Eating Disorder Recovery, and an Introduction to Mindful Eating

Do you treat meals and food as a problem in your life?

Are you constantly thinking about food even when you are not eating?

Do thoughts of how much, when, what to eat, and how to “become thin” drive you up the wall?

Have you tried countless fads and traditional diets all to no avail?

If the answer to even one of the above questions is a “yes,” you are in luck.


Part 1 of this book describes the ancient concept of mindful eating which helps you conquer your food, weight, and eating problems on your terms.

Following the suggestions and recommendations, you will learn to love yourself exactly the way you are.

In part 1, you will learn:

  • What mindful eating is, how it works, and its history
  • The benefits of this technique and what it promises
  • How mindful eating plays a role in the treatment of eating disorders, including binge eating and overeating
  • What the Zen Masters have to teach up about overeating, binge eating and emotional eating
  • Various tips, tricks, and suggestions to begin the wonderful journey of mindful eating
  • A step by step approach to help you build mindful eating habits
  • 17 inspiring celebrity success stories

A 2017 study conducted by Yeoh, W.C., and Gan, W. Y. in the International Journal of Adolescent Medicine and Health revealed that body appreciation and a significant decline in eating disorders were evident in subjects who practiced the method of eating covered in depth within the pages of this book.

In addition, Harvard Health endorses a style of eating as one of the effective methods to curb overeating and other unhealthy eating habits.

So, with this part 2 of this book, you can finally regain control of your life and your self-confidence without attempting one short-lived diet after the other as you are probably used to.

Here’s just a tiny fraction of what you’ll discover in part 2:

  • The full story about binge eating disorder.
  • The ridiculous lies about binge eating that makes you feel worse about yourself.
  • The precise science behind each binge session.
  • Sneaky little things that make you binge and how to get rid of them.
  • 9 myths about binge eating.
  • Super simple steps to stop binge eating for good.
  • 10 inspiring stories of celebrities who fought binge eating disorder.
  • Powerful mindfulness techniques to help you overcome binge eating.
  • An Easy-To-Follow meal plan to kick your urge to binge to the curb

Now is the time to overcome your overeating, binge eating, and emotional eating habits.

If you have a burning desire to lose weight and feel great about your body and your food, then scroll up and click “Add to Cart.”