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Nuclear Medicine: A Review Book


Have you ever wondered where in the world did some test makers come up with impossible to answer questions? Well from the latest literature ofcourse. That’s how they can separate the average from the exemplary student. The review books in Nuclear Medicine and Nuclear Radiology focus on the ‘basics’ or the ‘core’ of the material hoping that if you can get the easy questions out of the way then at least you’ll be average. That’s great! No shame in being average. If you do have time and want to strengthen your core knowledge while preparing to beat the curve, then pick up this book. Doesn’t matter if you’re a medical student, a resident, technologist, or someone from a cross discipline. If you are interested in Nuclear Medicine, then you may find value in the teachings of this book. This is a high-yield review book in the form of discussion points to clarify different concepts in Nuclear Medicine and Nuclear Radiology that are commonly seen and tested. This book should be used to supplement the basic textbooks and is best read after at least some exposure to Nuclear Medicine. The chosen topics are based on the recommendation of the governing bodies for certification and from expert colleagues in the field. The size of the book is also importantly made so that you can hold it with one hand, put it in your coat pocket and keep it on your person. If you already own an e-reader, then you’re in luck. This title is also available in the kindle store.